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Fear of Examination Hall

By Muhammad Kamran (M.Phil Sociology)

Exam anxiety is a common disorder facing by most of the student .It is the intense moment of fear that rarely leads to a chronic types of anxiety. Among them, much worst feeling is when we are entering into the examination hall. The management of examination hall is greatly affected the mind of students Our reaction to the examination is that, Heart is beating and sweating our hands and a pen is waiting to start the flow of ink. We are waiting for the much serious looking person who distribute papers. It’s like a traffic jam situation within the mind. We try to recall all the questions within few second and suddenly we mix up all the things and confusion is there ready to disturb our mindset.

In most of the cases students try to rewrite or paste what he noted during lecture .They don’t want to share their own opinions, and same as the case with some teachers, they demanded for such accurate explanations .In this case students are quite limited, they become anxious when they stuck on a question and that is why they cannot recall such questions even a few hours later.

It is true that the teacher plays as a role of second parent to the pupil. We are fluent and not anxious while talking with parents .But in the case of teacher, we are not that much free as we are with our own parents, some students do not clarify even a single word from teacher .For a long time we cannot understand the mind of teacher .We are trying to be much careful of behaviours and even of our expressions and the extreme form is that we blame our positive behaviour in doubt. This case can be perfectly fitted within the theory of Charles CooleyLooking Self Glass” we are trying to identify the perceptions of teachers that have in their minds for us. Sometimes we are unable to knew it perfectly, a little much free with the teacher solve this issue in the form of discussion and cooperation and if we are not able to simplify our thinking with cooperation then no doubt that such situation will generate fear and that fear is much worse in the examination hall.

It is quite clear the situation we face our own productivity, then why we fail to control it .The reason is that we cannot remove the lenses through which we see what we learned during the process of socialization .We are socialized in a way to be feared during examination. It’s not the case only with us, the feelings are injected and transferring from mind to mind.

It is true that fear blocks intelligence .We need to remove all the negative symbols that we attached with this situation .We should write with full confident and share our opinions that links with the questions.

If we think of failure in a way that badly affects our body, so definitely anxiety will attacked us and it may be life threatening, if our blood pressure take part in it. Nothing is that much complex how we made it.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of management group to change the setup of class and examination hall according to the satisfaction of the students.

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