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Ramsha Rasheed (M.Phil Rural Sociology)

There are five basic social institutions of a society: FamilyEducationReligionEconomy and Politics. Among these institutions family, education and religion plays vital role in the socialization of a person. As school is the basic social organization of this institution. As far as socialization is concerned school lays the foundation. As socialization is a lifelong process through which social values are inculcating in an individual. Now the point is despite the fact socialization takes place throughout the life course of a person but childhood is the time when foundations of a personality is taking place. Social values are in fact the check points that restrain in a person from wrong doings.

But in this era of technology, we materialized this social organization by extincting the concept of ‘training’ with the word ‘Education’ i.e. once it was “Taleem o Tarbiyat”, now it is only ‘Taleem’.

Academicians and educationists are revising the curriculum or teaching methodology day by day. But no one is paying any heed towards ‘soft skills’ that children should learn in order to become a socialized being.

There should be a course of social values with practical implications in which standard behavior of day to day dealings should be included. For example, how to sit in front of elders, how to call an elder, how many time to spend with any elder etc.

But the problem is we as elders or parents takes these things for granted. We never talked about these things with children or younger, considering something that is by default present in a person. My question is when a child learn everything being it is how to weep or smile to construct a building later in life after coming in this world then how can he learn social values before his birth. Therefore, a child is supposed to learn these things by older members of society and for this purpose elders are supposed to tell them these poor things. These values are the pillars of good behaviors on which a personality is built. As children are our future assets but unfortunately this future assets lacking social assets. I strongly believe that without social values humans become a machine ultimately making this society a factory to run a business, not to live a life for others (that is the true essence of society).

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