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Six (6) Powerful ways of Effective Study By Dr. Hina Sikander (CSP Officer)

Since the majority of my audience is students, and the majority of students asking for effective Study Tips. I have jotted down the 6 Study tips here, the ones I practice myself, I hope it helps you!.

1️⃣Find your best/effective time for studying

Some people are early birds, some are night owls; some prefer to study with a friend, others need complete and total silence. Experiment to find what’s most effective for you, and then stick with it!

I prefer studying alone, myself. I always found late night study sessions beneficial until, I experimented with the early morning ones. Starting day with 4-5am always gave me more productive days with an excessive quantity of hours stretching ahead to be utilised. Try it sometime!.

2️⃣Set Up Your Study Space

Set up your study space and make sure it is not your bed! Be it your study table, or just sitting on the ground by your bed, define it. Lying on bed while studying makes you lazy and sleepy. Keep a table clock in front of you, and for you to keep a track of time while studying.

Moreover, keep a water bottle aside. Drink whenever you see it, hydration is important!.

3️⃣ Whenever you feel exhaustive, Take Breaks!

Now taking break doesn’t mean you sit on the same spot using your phone; this kind of break isn’t going to refresh you. Take a Physical break! Get out of your study space. Go to the other room, maybe the garden. You need to check your phone? Sure. Do it, but in another setting. Walk a while! A little physical activity breaks regains focus and helps you resume afresh.


Scheduling / making a time table is very important. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write down when to eat, walk, sleep and study but what is the main concept is to know how much work needs to be done. Don’t make vague goals like finish “History in 4 days”. Break it into smaller goals like how many hours you need to give to a specific chapter and which part of the day. This way, you can reset yourself after every few hours with a new motivation. Moreover, paste that schedule in front of you; somewhere you can see it every now and then..


This works wonders for me. I always paste a sticky note to the wall in front of my desk with a quote which reminds me how important this goal is for me. For example during CSS preparation, I had following words written:

“The only thing who can stop you from success is YOUR OWN SELF”

Every time I looked it this, I rejected my procrastination.


Any kind of studying needs reading a lot of material. One of the most prevalent problems that students encounter is LOSING CONCENTRATION /FOCUS. Research says that reading aloud helps maintain your focus, assists to ward off sleep as well. Just a fun tip, when my reading material used to get boring, I used to read it aloud in different accents which made it funny and easier to remember. 😅

Moreover, I have not added tip named STAY AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE deliberately. if you have any of these similar tips, or you want me to talk about a specific problem that you encounter while studying, let’s discuss it in the comments.

Please answer these questions in comments and share your book reading tips.

  • Did these general initial study tips help you?
  • Do you practice these? or not
  • What is your study time? Morning or night?
  • How do you take study breaks?
  • Did these general study tips help you?
  • Do you practice these?
  • Which words motivate you?
  • Do you maintain a time table?
  • What do you do when reading gets boring?

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