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Sociology MCQs

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Important Topics of Sociology

  1. Socialization
  2. Social problem
  3. Research method
  4. Theorists (Ibn-e-khuldun, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber)
  5. Social mobility
  6. Social group
  7. Social control
  8. Social order
  9. Social interaction
  10. Culture

PPSC Lecturer Sociology- Solved MCQs Past Paper Questions of Sociology

Sr. Questions Answers
1 In 1998 census,what was literacy rate of Pakistan? 45%
2 When material culture advances faster than the non-material culture, it is called? Cultural lag
3 Population welfare program was implemented in? 1981
4 Population density means? population per square mile
5 Population density of Balochistan Province? 18 person
6 Lynching is an example of? Collective Behaviour
7 The “herd mentality” was the idea of?            Charles Mackay
8 Richard Berk coined the term? Minimax strategy
9 The development of new norms to cope with a new situation is? Emergent norms
10 A temporary pattern of behaviour that catches people’s attention is a? Fad
11 Social movements that seek to change people totally are Redemptive social movements
12 Max Weber identified as the core reason for the development of capitalism Religion
13 Three processes of cultural innovation were identified by William Ogburn
14 The adaption of natural items for human use is          Primitive technology
15 According to Karl Marx,the change over to the factory system produced         Alienation
16 Cyclical theories were developed by Arnold Toynbee
17 Failure to fuction normally, and even fleeing is the result of             Panic
18 Sociologists refer to unfounded information spread among people as Rumor
19 Social change is a process of struggle between social classes over control of the forces of production. This view is found in Marx
20 Collective behaviour requires a background of          Social unrest
21 Microsociology           Places the focus on social interaction.
22 Macrosociology is the study of social class and how groups are related to one another
23 According to theorists, the basic motivation in human behaviour is seeking pleasure and avoiding
24 Social interaction is the name of?       Social process
25 Sociology is the study of social action, said by          Max Weber
26 The term dyad was coined by             Emile Durkheim
27 The term primary group was coined by Charles H. Cooley

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