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HR Legends Forum is pleased to invite you to attend online Seminar on Psychological and Behavioral Impacts of COVID19 on People and its Solution on Sunday 19th April (2:30 PM to 4:00 PM)

Panelists of Seminar:
Dr. Ambreen Iqbal (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Saima Ghazal (Psychologist- Professor), Asma Umar (Psychologist & Trainer), Ijaz Nisar (Trainer and Management Guru), Aliya Kashmiri – HR Professional), Bilal Ayub – Training Professional, Atif Siddiqui – Trainer and Coach
Moderators: Hassan Raza – HR and Training Professional, Ghulam Mustafa – Business Consultant

Click on the below link to register and attend this amazing seminar:

Note: It is free of cost to attend Seminar. We are thankful to Hadaf Tech for their support.

مزید آرٹیکلز پڑھیں

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