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How can i got free online books.

Written by Dr. Hina Sikander (CSS Officer) Editor

If you are a CSS Aspirant, in this article, a professional blogger and CSS Officer named Dr. Hina Sikander trying to give and satisfactory answer to the queries/questions that arose by many students as follows:

  • I can’t afford books, motivate me!
  • I don’t have enough money for books?
  • I don’t have access to libraries what can I do?
  • I can’t afford textbooks and don’t have access to Free Online Books?
  • How to afford college textbooks?
  • How to afford textbooks for college?
  • What to do if you can’t afford books?
  • Can I access for Free Online Open Library?
  • I can’t access to books for css preparation online?
I really like reading but Can't Afford books – What Do I Do?
How To do i access free online books
I really like reading but Can’t Afford books – What Do I Do?

She said ” the above is something that I read every single time I open my messages. I have addressed it before, I’ll say it again.

Disclaimer: I know that it’s an innocent DM & my following script, in no way, is for 1 person but is generally for all of us. This DM got me thinking about altogether another perspective.

  • We, as a nation, are Lazy!
  • We do not want to work!
  • We are happy if you feed us but don’t ask us to struggle!.

This is absolutely the worst disease that our nation has, right now!

We use social media all day long;

Aimless scrolling,

Obsessing over celebrities, and ‘influencers’.

Following and sharing memes religiously, and what not!.

Just one time you’re required to work, we come up with thousands of excuses.

Every day I get messages of people literally asking me (the most irrelevant to me) things that can be answered by just one click at google, but why would we waste our energy?. Just by the way, when we can “afford” to scroll down Instagram all day long, we can also afford to “DOWNLOAD” a book and read it for our own benefit.

And, there are hundreds of pages online where you can get these books for literally Rs. 200. If you can afford a smartphone that has social media and internet installed in default, spending Rs. 200 for your own benefit should not be much. We need to get our priorities right!.

Also, I so wish Pakistan had a library culture; I see public libraries flooded with books and no people. It is sad!.

Now it might sound rude, but all the motivational quotes or inspiration a person uploads on social media are not going to help you if you’re not willing to struggle yourself!.

Please understand that the only person who is going to uplift you, help you achieve your goals is YOU!.

So, please stop pitying yourself!

Stop sympathising with yourself! & Work on yourself!

Learn a skill! Upgrade yourself!

Be productive! & Be proud of yourself!

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